Publication Resources

Meg Gorzycki, Ed.d.

Getting Published

Finding the right venue to showcase creative works and the right publisher for one's books and articles is as important as prodcuing the work itself. It is important to know your department's policies on which venues are legitimate and will be reocgnized in one's tenure and promotion files. Maintaining a file on these venues and studying samples of work published in them helps instructors gain a sense of the attributes and elements that characterize works typically published or showcased in the venue. 

Colleagues are also a good source of infomration about showcases and publications. Setting aside department meeting time for discussion about publications, therefore, may improve instructors' understanding of how to proceed with manuscripts, art installations, films, recitals, books, articles, theatrical productions, and reports.


List of Journals Addressing College and University Teaching and Issues in Higher Education


James Mulholland, 2014: What I learned about Publishihng a Book