Resources for Lecturers and Resource Guide

Obtaining a University ID and Human Resources

It is essential to have a university ID number as this is required for e-mail accounts, library materials, and to access to other university resources. Chairpersons will initiate the process of obtaining the ID number for new faculty, and the process may take two or three weeks to complete. Some departments issue temporary IDs that are good for 30 days.

SFSU Email Accounts

When you receive your SFSU ID number, you may login to the email account service at: then follow the directions as prompted.

Keys, Office Supplies, Office Services

Information about how to obtain keys and office supplies is available through the departments’ office managers. Copying may be done through departments. The university also has copy services located in the library.

Academic Calendar

Ordering Books and Readers

For recommendations about textbooks and course materials, please consult your department chairperson. There are several other resources available:

Creating Syllabi

Department chairpersons may have several samples of syllabi to share with new instructors. For more information see the following: SFSU

Class Management, Students’ Mental Health, and Safety

Student success is predicated on working in environments that are safe and nurturing. Some students may need special services or explicit guidance on how to organize their work and time, while others may need to learn about classroom etiquette. REMEMBER, you are required to provide office hours.

In rare occasions, police intervention may be required in order to maintain students’ safety. ALWAYS report dangerous incidents to the chairperson; you may be required to complete an incident report. Please see the following options for more resources:

Grading and Academic Integrity

Department chairpersons and colleagues may have insights on how to proceed with matters of grading and enforcing academic integrity. It is helpful for instructors to communicate with students their expectations related to grading and the rationales behind their standards and criteria. For more information on SFSU policies see the following:

Technical Support

Academic Technology offers a wide array of support for faculty and students. In addition, the Center for Teaching and Faculty offers insights about how to design hybrid courses and PowerPoints. See the followin gfor special services:

Library Support

The J. Paul Leonard Library is staffed with experts in various disciplines who may assist instructors with research, course design for information literacy, and guest presentations on matters concerning student research.

Parking and Public Transportation

Parking on and off campus is restricted to those who have permits and/or is metered. Stations for electric car charges are avilable.


San Francisco State University is committed to offering exemplary instruction and creating conditions that foster independent and deep learning. The following lists resources and online tutorials that may be helpful in developing pedagogical skills.

 Family and Wellness