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The California State University system as a whole offers a number of valuable resources for faculty. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the CSU's Institute for Learning and Teaching as well as to check out what developmental resources are offered by other CSU universities.

California State Univeristy Institute for Teaching and Learning

The Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) is a CSU organization devoted to coordinating and facilitating the advancement of teaching and learning. Its primary mission is to provide assistance and resources in support of the highest standards of university teaching excellence and to provide support for faculty members to grow professionally.

On a system-wide level, the CSU's has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to faculty development through the CSU's Institute for Teaching and Learning and Faculty Development Council (FDC). With the adoption of a three-to-five year strategic plan, developed by a task-force composed of the FDC, regional representatives, the ITL faculty director, and a strategic planning consultant, the CSU's has affirmed its awareness of the crucial importance of professional development for faculty, both within the retention, tenure and promotion process, and as a keystone of a commitment to top-quality education for students. On February 27, 2009, the ITL Board unanimously approved the decision to present the FDC/ITL strategic plan to the Statewide Academic Senate.

On May 8th, 2009, the Academic Senate of the CSU's passed a resolution in affirmation and support of the strategic plan and companion white paper "CSU's Faculty Professional Development Strategic Planning." The Rationale of the Resolution reads, in part:

"The CSU's has committed itself to a comprehensive plan for reinvestment in faculty, including faculty development ? the current work of the ITL and the FDC, along with strategic directions, as outlined in the white paper of March, 2009, are clearly in alignment with Access to Excellence. As such, the Academic Senate CSU's believes this white paper should be given high priority when fulfilling institutional commitments to systemwide faculty professional development."
CSU Faculty Professional Development Strategic Planning

Teaching Commons for ePortfolios in the California State University System

Open to all CSU faculty, students, staff, and administrators to use, the Teaching Commons for ePortfolios in the CSU is a "one-stop shop" for all your ePortfolio information needs.

Faculty Development Centers in the California State University System

The following off-site resources are links to all of the faculty development departments for the CSU campuses that offer them.