Academic Integrity and Plagiarism at SF State

Jeanne Chang and Kelli Stanley

At SF State, we take academic integrity very seriously. Plagiarism is a form of cheating or fraud and can result in a student being expelled from the university. Several departments at SF State have information online to help you prevent plagiarism and deal with it when it occurs.

SF State Policy and Resources

The SF State Faculty Manual states:

Each faculty member who requires outside written work as part of course requirements should carefully define the meaning of plagiarism and outline the proper methods for using outside sources. Students should be cautioned about the consequences should plagiarism be discovered.

If cheating or plagiarism occurs, it is the instructor's responsibility to handle the situation. The grade assigned must be based on the student's academic performance and must not be used as a punitive measure. The Judicial Affairs Officer in the Office of Student Affairs will assist the instructor and is responsible for determining whether formal disciplinary action should be taken.

The College of Arts and Humanities has a number of procedures and guidelines for reporting plagiarism including this definition of plagiarism:

Plagiarism is a form of cheating or fraud; it occurs when a student misrepresents the work of another as his or her own. Plagiarism may consist of using the ideas, sentences, paragraphs, or the whole text of another without appropriate acknowledgment, but it also includes employing or allowing another person to write or substantially alter work that a student then submits as his or her own.

A Pedagogical Response to Plagiarism

A CTFD Teaching Practices tutorial, and a thoughtful approach on how to respond to, prepare for, and counter plagiarism in your classroom.

Understanding and Preventing Plagiarism

These off-site resources provide information on instructional support you can provide your students to help them avoid plagiarism:

Recognizing and Reporting Plagiarism

Turnitin at SF State

SF State utilizes the anti-plagiarism software Turnitin. The Turnitin software is used in thousands of institutions throughout the global academic community, and enjoys a proven track record in helping faculty teach their students the importance of correct citation.

Turnitin has been integrated with iLearn. Please visit the iLearn site for more details.

Turnitin Resources

Amy Love has written a number of guidelines and procedures on integrating Turnitin in your courses. These documents are part of Amy Love's Accessible Instructional Multimedia project.

Additional information on Amy Love's experience with integrating Turnitin with iLearn can be found in the Accessible Instructional Multimedia at SF State section of this web site.

Additional Resources for Recognizing and Reporting Plagiarism

The following are off-site resources.

Copyright and Fair Use

At CTFD, we do our best to help teachers navigate the waters of copyright and fair use. The off-site resources below may help you make your own determination about the legality of the materials you use.