Eight Specific Steps Faculty Can Take for Making Your Courses Accessible

  1. Make textbook decisions as early as possible and before any established campus deadline for textbook adoptions.
  2. Request an electronic version and/or additional desk copy of your textbooks. Use publishers who offer electronic copies.
  3. Caption all videos used for instruction and provide transcripts for audio-only materials.
  4. Provide students with alternative methods to receive lecture materials, including posting lecture notes online, providing transcripts, etc.
  5. Be open to communicating with students about their learning styles and using multiple instructional methods to address their needs.
  6. Create or convert and post electronic course materials online in accessible formats. Make materials available as soon as possible to facilitate student learning.
  7. Provide "clean" copies of class handouts or use materials already in electronic format, and make them available to students before the material is covered in class.
  8. Use the campus course / learning management system to post the syllabus and other important class information and course materials electronically.

Adopted from "Access by Design: Faculty Awareness Training" produced by CalPoly State University, 2007.