Sample Assignment Archive

This archive contains exercises and assessments that may be used in both formative and summative ways. They provide instructors with ideas about how to construct engaging activities. The materials in this archive may be used in their present form or adapted for special course needs. For assistance on adapting materials, contact Meg Gorzycki, Ed.D. at (415) 338-6815 or at

List of Exercises

Creating Effective Graphic Organizers from Data

Critical Reading: Compare and Contrast Three Historical Narratives on Origins of the Cold War

Critical Reading Exercise with Historical Narrative: Cuban Missile Crisis

Critical Thinking and Role Playing with Mock Documents

Critiquing Arguments Concerning Video Game Arcades on Campus

Proof Reading and Contrasting Three Essays on the Commodification of Leisure

Proof Reading Three Reviews of the Literature for a Paper on Native American Health Care

Reading Graphs and Statistics

Reading for Composition Exercise (Grading Short Answers)