Eli Review Update

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A Message from Dr. Robert Kohls

As co-chairs of the Committee on Written English Proficiency (CWEP) at SF State, Theresa Roeder and I wanted to reach out to give you an update on the status of Eli Review. We both know that using Eli Review has helped you enact student-centered pedagogy and equity-minded practices in your teaching, and we thank you for your dedication to student success and peer learning in your classes.


How it Works for Students 

For Fall 2023, students will need to purchase an Eli subscription to use in your course. Thanks to Eli's commitment to keeping costs low, students will only pay $19.15 for a six-month subscription. To benefit from Eli's discount, students will need to purchase their access code with a PayPal account, rather than via the campus bookstore.   

Importantly, students with financial aid packages can still work through the campus bookstore as their financial aid will pay Follett directly. Many of our students receive financial aid, so having these two options is a definite plus. The campus bookstore imposes a 35% markup, raising the cost to our students to $25.75. 

Once students click through the Eli Review link in Canvas (see below), they will be prompted to pay a workshop fee on Eli's website. Students can pay through the app using PayPal, or they have a free two-week trial period during which they can pay.


Steps for Teachers 

Teachers will need to adopt Eli Review as course material, so that students who need to can purchase a subscription code through the campus bookstore. If you are unfamiliar with how to use Follett’s adoption tool, you can follow these instructions to Build the Bridge from Canvas to Eli Review.

Step 1: Log into Your SF Gateway. Under the LaunchPad, click “See all apps”

Step 2: Select the Follett Discover app

Step 3: Select your role by clicking on the “Faculty” button

Step 4: Select the current term from the pull-down menu and click “update”

Step 5: Your courses will appear on the screen. Depending on what you see, either click the title of the course you wish to adopt Eli Review for or type in “Eli Review” or “ISBN-10: 0692476121” in the Subject box and then click “Discover for this course.” Verify the title is “Student Subscription (Eli Review 6mth Access Card)” to get the $25.75 option.

Step 6: Select “Student Subscription (Eli Review 6mth Access Card)” by clicking “View Details.” If you don’t see Eli Review in your search results, try going to the top of the screen to search for Eli Review or type in the ISBN number.

Step 7: When you select Eli Review, you’ll see details about the material. Look to the right of your screen to click the blue “Adopt” button. You will then see a screen that shows your request was successfully submitted.

On the home page, it will show that your adoption is “pending.” You have successfully adopted Eli Review as a material for your course. The “pending” should change to “Adopted” within 24 hours.


Smooth Transition from Canvas to Eli Review

You will still be able to integrate Eli Review into your Canvas course. Just follow the steps in our guide to Build the Bridge from Canvas to Eli Review

When you build a bridge within Canvas, your students will be able to enroll immediately into your Eli Review course and begin their classwork.  

We hope this will allow you to continue your work to use Eli Review as you enact student-centered pedagogy and equity-minded practices in your teaching. If you or your students have questions, please follow this link for support. 


All our best wishes for a productive semester! 

Robert Kohls and Theresa Roeder 

Co-chairs of CWEP  

AY 2022-2023